StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement
StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement - Stimugro
StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement - Stimugro
StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement - Stimugro

StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement

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Hair Growth Supplements
30 Vegi Capsules
Nourish. Restore. Grow.

 "Sometimes it is not practical to keep track of your diet to ensure you are consuming all important nutritional substances like vitamins and fruits and vegetables, etc... and at the same time, we cannot always avoid exposure to outside factors. This is why StimuGro has created a supplement that can help support  and promote healthy hair and scalp."


StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement Benefits:

Stimugro’s Dietary Supplements with Herbs provide nutritional support for healthy hair growth along with an important source of protein which helps maintain the hair shaft. StimuGro Supplements also support blood circulation & helps as a tonic. The supplements are packed with all the essential nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals, etc., to provide your hair the nourishment they need.

Made in Canada | Vegecap (no animal gelatin used) | Halal Certified

**Currently Available In Canada only**



Take one capsule once a day after meal.



Folic Acid - 400 mcg, Biotin - 25 mcg, Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) - 10 mcg
Fenugreek Seed Extract - 100mg, Fo-Ti (Root) Extract - 250mg, Saw Palmetto (Berry) Extract - 50mg, L-Arginine - 50mg


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We believe in providing quality products which produce real results. StimuGro was founded by a certified trichologist and herbologist and our whole collection is tested and recommended by naturopathic doctors. Simply put, we know hair!