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StimuGro Hair Growth Kit (w. StimuGro Supplements)

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StimuGro Hair Growth Kit w. StimuGro Hair Growth Supplements
Nourish. Restore. Grow.
(Fight back against alopecia)
(products also available for individual purchase)
Kit Benefits:
  • Help restore thinning or balding hair
  • DHT inhibitor to prevent hair loss
  • Restore crown area
  • Edge Control - grow back your edges
  • Cleanse and remove build up that clogs the folicular
  • Helps eliminate fungus and folliculitis
  • Prevents dandruff build up and other scalp

StimuGro products use an innovative cosmetic ingredient formed by the balanced association of two functional compounds: CLA Glutathione & Sodium DNA. This unique blend is based on the complementary actions of the two active substances. Along with other added natural ingredients our products have shown strong & quick results in curing hair loss & promoting healthy hair growth while leaving your existing hair nourished & fuller.


StimuGro Revitalizing Hair Conditioner Benefits:

Stimugro Revitalizing Hair Conditioner gives you thicker and fuller hair. Enriched with shea butter, wheat protein, and olive leaf extract, this revitalizing conditioner leaves your hair soft, shiny, and manageable. It also strengthens and protects the hair against brushing and blow drying. StimuGro Revitalizing Hair Conditioner will leave your hair  soft, shiny, and manageable. It is suitable for all hair types and is paraben-free to meet the latest important consumer trends.


StimuGro Volumizing Shampoo Benefits:
240 ml

Stimugro Volumizing Shampoo leaves the hair healthy, shiny, manageable, and fuller looking. Enriched with panthenol and olive oil, Stimogro Volumizing Shampoo helps repair and thicken hair. Stimugro Volumizing Shampoo is paraben-free and sodium lauryl sulphate free, making it a safe and effective way to stimulate hair grow.


60 ml
Stimugro Follicle Revitalizer cleanses and nourishes the hair follicles, providing the optimum environment for new hair emerging from the scalp.

To read more about StimuGro Hair Follicle Revitalizer benefits, creation, and process please click here.


Hair Follicle Application:

Just place approximately 15 drops onto the scalp once or twice a day, depending on need and the area to be covered. Massage using your fingertips in a rotating motion for about two minutes, and you’re done! Continued usage for several months has been shown to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.


StimuGro Hair Growth Supplement Benefits:
30 Vegi Capsules

Stimugro’s Dietary Supplements with Herbs provide nutritional support for healthy hair growth along with an important source of protein which helps maintain the hair shaft. StimuGro Supplements also support blood circulation & helps as a tonic. The supplements are packed with all the essential nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals, etc., to provide your hair the nourishment they need.

Made in Canada | Vegecap (no animal gelatin used) | Halal Certified

**Currently Available In Canada only**


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We believe in providing quality products which produce real results. StimuGro was founded by a certified trichologist and herbologist and our whole collection is tested and recommended by naturopathic doctors. Simply put, we know hair! 

This kit available only in Canada