About StimuGro

A Brand that you can trust.

At StimuGro, we understand the critical importance of offering proven products and techniques that actually treat and manage scalp disorders and put a stop to hair loss. We know that thinning hair, scalp issues, hair loss, and balding aren’t just physical issues. These conditions also cause people to lose confidence and they can negatively affect how people feel about themselves. Many people worry about their public appearance due to excessively dry scalps, thinning hair, hair texture issues, balding, and other hair and scalp problems. This anxiety and stress can affect every aspect of a person’s life.
As qualified Trichologists, we know that any discussion relating to hair loss or thinning hair requires understanding and empathy. That’s why we are dedicated the solutions that work. We want to improve your hair and scalp as well as your self-image and don’t want you feeling depressed by or frustrated with solutions that don’t work.
Why Choose Us
We are a 100% Chadian-Canadian company that specializes in effective ways to manage hair, scalp disorders and thinning hair - as well as hair restoration. We understand the importance of safe, proven hair restoration methods.
We employ strict and consistent quality control standards and are committed to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.
When it comes to hair restoration, you’ve come to the right place. For more information, check out our hair loss products